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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Skippy's Hot Dogs

I was inspired by a recent post to visit Skippy's in down town Winston-Salem. I've never been to Skippy's primarily because their featured menu item isn't exactly my kind of food. I'm more into vegetables. However, after some perusing of their website, I discovered that they offer a veggie dog. Now I'm not really the type of vegetarian that longs for meat. If I wanted meat, I'd eat it. But after hearing so many rave reviews of Skippy's pretzel buns, I was on board for a faux-weenie treat.

My two companions and I devoured our pretzel clad dogs in minutes.

The veggie dog is good, people. So good in fact, I imagined the cook snickering somewhere in the back. "That'll teach those pesky vegetarians to insist on veggie dogs. I'll serve them real tube steak!" Okay, I'm certain that wasn't the case. My dog clearly looked different from the beef dogs the boys ate. I'm just saying.

And I have to give special recognition to the French fries. Hand cut, hot, crispy, starchy heaven. Just go get them.

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