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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pulliam's BBQ: Wow

I am a Winston-Salem Local. I know the city well, and have been to each of its corners and all the places in between. I know about many of the "landmark" restaurants in town and would say that I have been to 90% of them. It's that other 10% that allows me to find a treasure like Pulliam's. There could have been 50 pictures in this post, amazing since the restaurant is only about 400 square feet. I am limited to my phone camera this week so I will eventually go back for more/better quality photos.

Doug G. sent me the e-mail about Pulliams and I added it to the blog, but for some reason I could not get this place out of my head. I LOVE a good hot dog and if there was a place that had amazing hot dogs in W-S, I was going. Doug was kind enough to make another trip and meet me at Pulliam's. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Pulliam's, a tradition in Winston-Salem since 1910, yes 1910!!! I could not believe that this place had been here for 100 years and this is my first visit. I fell in love right away.

Part of Pulliam's success is that they keep it simple, local, and old school. There are two hot foods to choose from on the menu. Hot Dog or Barbecue. (No french fries, but an assortment of chips.) Dessert are B&H Pies, made by hand in W-S, and their drink assortment is the best around. They have your traditional drinks, but they also have a cooler of Nehi, Sundrop, Cheerwine, and RC cola. They are cold, in a bottle, and full of southern summer memories.

I ordered a hot dog, maybe two- I don't remember (ok, I DO remember both of them. Don't judge me), all the way (mustard, slaw, chili, onions), a chocolate B&H pie, and a diet Cheerwine (yeah, whatever, I like it) The hot dog is delicious, all the flavors melding together in every bite. There are bottles of Big Ed's Hot Sauce that is made in-house that are available if you like a little, or a lot of, heat. It's pretty darn tasty. If you have never had a B&H pie, they come in a variety of fruit flavors, and chocolate. Doug tried a peach pie for the first time and is now a fan.

While the menu may not have much of a variety, the customers are a diverse crowd. All collars are represented and chat it up at the counter inside. There are no tables at Pulliam's, you just belly up to the small counter and eat. There is one "table" outside that is completely recyclable. Pop a squat on a stump and enjoy the delicious meal. The environment inside could keep your eyes busy for an hour, but with only a camera phone this week, it just couldn't do it justice. One favorite item was a sign that was stitched in needle point, "If you can't enter with a smile, take one when you leave."  I did. :)

Pulliam's is near the Smith Reynolds Airport: 4358 Old Walkertown Rd, W-S 27105


  1. For the sake of accuracy let me help you re-remember that you had TWO hot dogs. I'm sure the sensory overload contributed to your memory lapse.

  2. Maybe I over looked it but do you have an address for this place?

  3. post office changed address after all these years.......4400 old walkertown