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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dinner at La Botana's Mexican Restaurant

O and I dropped in La Botana's for dinner last week and were not disappointed. They have a lot of creative vegetarian options to chose from and lots of non-vegetarian options as well for the carnivores in my life (or yours). :) I ordered the Enchiladas al Horno. It consisted of two corn tortillas stuffed with a mashed potato mixture then smothered in a creamy Chipotle sauce and cheese. This was then baked in an oven and served with rice and a small side salad. Can anyone say, "heaven?" O ordered soft tacos with steak and chicken. He received four tacos with a small side of beans, salsa verde, and onions and cilantro to dress up the tacos. We drank tea, but they offer lots of drink specials. Everything we had was excellent.

I keep hearing and reading that the fish tacos here are the bomb diggity. I think I'll try those the next time we swing by.

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  1. The fish tacos are the best I have ever eaten. They are not on the menu, but just order them and you will not regret it!!!