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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hutch and Harris: Morrissey's Club Sandwich

Last night I had dinner at Hutch & Harris.I was looking for a sandwich; a sandwich that was not a burger but that I could still have with Hutch & Harris' amazing French Fries. I chose the Morrissey Club sandwich and it was devine. The sandwich had a nice mixture of sliced turkey and roast beef, as well as cheddar, bacon, and LTM. The baguette that the sandwich came on was just as delicious as the items inside. The fries are more like wedges with a crispy (and not greasy!) outside and soft potato goodness on the inside.

The service was really great. Our server was extremely accomodating and had a lovely personality. The servers/managers also work well as a team here, tending to more that their assigned tables and making sure that the dining experience is a pleasant one. They really hit the customer service mark during our visit. This is the type of service that will keep us coming back.

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