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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prissy Polly's BBQ

I was spoiled for barbeque when I taught elementary school in Kernersville. I had the pleasure of teaching the daughter of the owners of Prissy Polly's BBQ. When we had field day, all the other classes had hot dogs, hamburgers, or pizza- but we had Prissy Polly's barbeque and Brunswick stew. It was heavenly then. It is heavenly now.

I had an appointment in High Point so I stopped off on Hwy 66  to grab some lunch at Prissy Polly's. I ordered the regular Lexington Barbecue pork sandwich with barbeque slaw. One of my FAVORITE things about Prissy Polly's is that no matter what you order, even if it just a sandwich, they throw in some of their hush puppies. Some look like 8s, some look like Os. They are both crunchy and corny and fabulous.

People in these parts are very particular about their barbeque, and I respect the opinions of others, but Prissy Polly's is my favorite by far.

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