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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Downtown Thai and Sushi

I grabbed some friends and headed to Downtown Thai and Sushi for dinner this past Friday night. I have been there twice and must say they have the friendliest staff. Now that might be because both times I've eaten there I've been with regulars, but they all seem genuinely friendly and helpful. You'll have to try it out and see if you agree. First I will admit to completely losing my mind and forgetting to take pictures of the appetizers. They were all fabulous, so I'll give you a run down on what we had: Tao Hoo Thod (Deep-Fried Tofu), Po Pia Thod (Deep-Fried Spring Rolls), Kung Hor (Blanket Shrimp), and Steamed Dumplings.

After rereading that first paragraph, I can't help but wonder if most of the apps being deep fried had anything to do with their fabulous-ness? The menu didn't mention it, but I swear the shrimp were deep fried too. Ah, this is why I need more exercise.

Three of us ordered the Kaeng Khaio Wan or Green Curry with slight variations - one steamed tofu, one combination tofu and chicken and finally one fried tofu (alas, that was mine - more exercise). The green curry had eggplant, bamboo shoots, Thai basil and bell pepper in coconut milk. The picture above shows the combination option.

Two people in our party ordered sushi. My friend S ordered Spicy Crab and Spicy Tuna (right). O ordered the Rainbow Roll, Spicy Tuna and Eel (left).

Two people in our party ordered Pad Spicy with Tofu, which consisted of large rice noodles, egg, cabbage, chili sauce, bean sprouts, onions, and carrots.

And the final person in our party ordered Pad Woonsen - glass noodles with mushrooms, carrots, baby corn and scallions. I honestly can't remember what meat he chose and can't tell by the picture. I need to take better notes at dinner!

Everyone enjoyed their meal. The owner of Downtown Thai and Sushi also owns Soup's Vietnamese Phở and Grille. He has recently remodeled the space, so we will be checking out the spiffy new digs next.

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