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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cobblestone Market is Open for the Season!

Today is a very, very happy day. Today the new Cobblestone Farmer's Market opened across the street from its former location at Krankies on Patterson Ave. The Cobblestone Farmers Market is operated by Cultivate Piedmont, a program of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (www.carolinafarmstewards.org). The Cobblestone Farmers Market is an all-local, producers-only market that brings fresh, healthy foods into downtown Winston-Salem. Vendors are invited to participate on the basis of their healthy, sustainable, and humane practices.

Today I stopped by to look around and see what they had to offer. It is a little early in the growing season but there were several farmers out with "greens," eggs, and breads. I will also be bringing my dull knives next week as they have knife sharpening on site! It's awesome.

Each week, a local restaurant has a chef on hand for a cooking demonstration. The Screaming Rooster was the local restaurant of the week and chef Kevin Fisher was showing how to cook greens, which was very timely considering the bounty of greens available. (This just in: New Hours at the Screaming Rooster! Tues-Thurs open 9am-8pm, Friday & Saturday from 9am-9pm serving brunch, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast and lunch items are served all day. Brunch on Sun. will be from 8am-2pm.)

The Triad Community Kitchen was on hand serving their hot meal of the market. I got the Pasta and One Meatball special for $6. ($8 gets you two meatballs and Momma Mia, whatta meatball!) I am calling the pasta squiggly tube pasta, for lack of knowing the real name. Fresh marina (the best that I have had in a really long time) and a giant meatball makes this an amazing lunch. Fresh parmesan was an option, but I decided to have mine nekkid. I was the envy of all Cubetopia.

Add the Cobblestone Market to your Tuesday To Do List until November.

Local Love,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Waldo's Wings

Before I moved south to NC, I had never been a fan of wings. In fact, I don't know that I ever had one prior to a few years ago. I tried several of the chain wing joints all of which were ok, but it wasn't until I found Waldo's that I entered my first support group to limit my wing intake. Waldo's has a good ol' mom & pop atmosphere with a sports bar theme, so I always feel at home when I stop in for lunch. Never being one for insanely hot things I started with the medium wings, but over the years have progressed to hot. It's not 'burn your taste buds' hot, but it's got a great flavor with a good kick to it. In fact, I have yet to try a wing sauce from anywhere that rivals Waldo's. I usually find that wings are either undercooked or overcooked, but not here - perfect every time! So next time you're out Reynolda Road, stop in for some Hot Wings w/ ranch and cheese bread and a sweet tea. You won't be disappointed!