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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Noble's Grille

We had dinner at one of my favorite places - Noble's and it did not disappoint. John Fulp was managing that night and he is one of my favorite restaurant managers. He always has a story to tell and he is one of the reasons I like the restaurant so much.

We started out at the bar. I have been drinking Cosmopolitans for well over a decade now. It is my drink of choice when I grab a seat at a bar. Because I tend to order them wherever I go I can tell you that I have had some freaking fantastic Cosmos and some really horrid Cosmos. Noble's makes them beautifully perfect. They are super cold and served in a chilled glass. It's a lil' glass of pink yumminess. I didn't think to take a picture, so you'll have to use those fantastic imaginations of yours and then head on over to Noble's to try one out.

We started with a cheese plate and fried onions (which had a much fancier name on the menu), because seriously how can anyone go wrong with cheese and friend onions?!?! The onions were super thin and crispy. And the cheese was - well - need I say more? Because it was cheese and we all like cheese, right?

The boys had steaks. One ordered the Filet and the other the Ribeye. They both scraped their plates clean, which I took as a big thumbs up from them both.

The girls kept it a little lighter by ordering pizzas as our entrees and we split the Heirloom tomato and Mozzarella salad. Okay, okay I may have ordered a side of macaroni and cheese too because as we discussed earlier - it has cheese on it and did I mention I'm also a huge fan of pasta?

Our meal was fantastic. Our server was great. The four of us left happy and full. We went on a Saturday night and they had a band playing music. Several people got up to dance.

Tonight they are partnering up with Slow Food Piedmont Triad and having a slow food tomato celebration dinner. You should check them out.

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