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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pulliam's BBQ - This place is Da Bomb

I visited J.S. Pulliman BBQ today, not for the barbecue, but for what I consider the best hot dog in Winston-Salem and one of the top two best hot dogs in the entire state of North Carolina. Pulliam's is located on 4538 Old Walkertown Road just a few doors down from the, now defunct, Bell Brothers Cafeteria. I didn't realize it until today but there is an old photo hanging inside that says J.S Pulliam began operating in 1910. Now in its centennial year, the hot dogs are simply outstanding. Served on a buttery toasted bun, an "all the way" is mustard, chili, onion, and cole slaw. To enhance the experience I recommend adding a stream of the house BBQ sauce called Big Ed's. It comes in two variations, Mildly Hot and my favorite, Extremely Hot. Extremely hot means what it says. I find a thin steam of the extremely hot added along the top of the dog to be a perfect addition. Sweet, savory with some mouth filling heat. that takes a few seconds to notice but pleasantly lingers for awhile. Yes! Big Ed's sauce is for sale for $2.50 a bottle here. Don't leave without a bottle or two. One of each is my routine. A variety of beverages are sold out of those old fashioned, chest type, machines. You know. Those machines that are probably older than your granddaddy. My beverage choice today was a old style bottle of NuGrape soda. A classic combination with the dog. B&G Fruit Pies are available for dessert.

A word for the uninitiated. The hot dogs are those red ones. "Gourmet" tubes not necessary. There are no seats here. You belly up to the small stainless steel bar and eat them standing or you can take them outside and sit down and eat them on the tree stumps out back. I'm not kidding. Another option is to use you car as a table. I just prefer to squeeze in between other patrons and eat them inside so I can re-add the hot sauce if necessary. Don't be shy, just squeeze in. No fries are offered on the short menu. No website, Facebook, or Twitter. The phone number is 336-767-2211. Hours are 10AM - 5:30PM, Tuesday-Saturday. Be sure to view some of the old vintage racing photos while there. The staff will be tickled to tell you all about them and the history of the place. The clientele will often range from corporate types to working stiffs all on equal footing and with a common purpose of dining on one of the best hot dogs served anywhere.

This is one of those places where you really should eat in the restaurant to get the full experience.I never do takeout at Pulliam's. Service is quick and polite. Don't be intimidated by the spartan appearance. The hot dogs are the main attraction. Places like this stay in business for 100 years for a very good reason. Just some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I have never tried the BBQ so I can't comment.

Note: Forgive the poor photo quality. My son, Thomas, was with me and he ate three almost before I could get one down so I snapped in a hurry before this one totally disappeared.
-Contributed by Doug G.

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