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Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Town Bistro: Sunday Brunch

We visited New Town Bistro on Jonestown Road. We had not been to the restaurant in several years, but after seeing the mini desserts posted on the Facebook page, I looked at their menu online. (Local Dish and its contributors are really helping be branch out and try new-to-me restaurants.) The brunch menu looked great and so we convinced a neighbor to join us and we jumped on the highway at 11:00am on Sunday morning.

Our server, Sherry, was great and helped me choose the Monterrey omelet. It was filled with sliced turkey and pepper jack cheese, then topped with black olives, sour cream and homemade salsa and olives. The sour cream sauce and the homemade salsa really stepped things up a notch. If it is possible to have a "light" omelet, this would be it. After eating it, I was satisfied but did not feel like I had to follow breakfast with a two-hour nap. It was one of the best omelets I have ever eaten.
Joe had a hard time choosing between the Charleston Omelet and the Sweet Potato Pancakes. The most logical decision was to have both. New Town offers a "short stack" of two sweet potato pancakes so it was a perfect portion once he shared a bite with me. The Charleston Omelet was filled with fresh asparagus, artichokes, grape tomatoes, Swiss cheese and shrimp. The vegetables were not overcooked and maintained their fresh flavor with each bite. The fruit included watermelon and fresh pineapple, which was a nice treat. Breakfast potatoes were cooked perfectly and a mini carrot muffin pushed this brunch over the top.

After the savory, we moved onto the sweetness of the Sweet Potato pancakes which were topped with candied pecans. These pancakes don't need a lot of syrup because they are naturally sweet from the sweet potatoes themselves. They had great flavor and the crunch from the pecans was a nice contrast to the light texture of the pancakes.
We had a great experience at our first brunch at New Town Bistro. It definitely will not be our last. I have my eye on a Sausage Benedict.

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