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Friday, June 18, 2010

Dioli's Trattoria- Pacchieri stuffed with grilled vegetable pesto and Italian Chef Salad

I met my mom and some of her co-workers at Dioli's Trattoria on 4th Street for lunch today. I've been a long time fan of their first venture, Dioli's Market, and have been excited since the trattoria opened!

I noticed some familiar items (like sandwiches on their homemade foccacia) that I've had before, so I chose the Italian Chef Salad (it was 90 degress outside and somehow, pasta did not seem to go with the heat index today). The salad was deliciously arranged in a rectangular white bowl. Romaine tossed with red wine vinaigrette was topped  turkey, black forest ham, pancetta, roasted red pepers, scallions, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese. It was a light and yet filling salad, no one taste too overpowering.

My mom got the pacchieri stuffied with grilled vegetable pesto. This was one of their "small plates" listed on the menu. This dish was delicious and garlic-y! Short tubes of pasted filled with grilled vegetable pesto and topped with homemade marinara and Parmesan. YUM.

I'll definitely be back at Dioli's for lunch this summer while I'm working downtown.

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