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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breakfast of Course (Mary's Too!): All Kinds of Goodness

Even though the new Breakfast of Course (Mary's Too!) has only been open a week, it appears that her flock is, well, flocking to the new restaurant on Trade Street.

Breakfast Nachos: Multigrain tortilla chips with cheddar, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, avocado and salsa.
-Contributed by Michelle S.

I had been trying to get into the new BOC for days but my schedule did not allow. However, after starting this FB group, members started posting BOC food items, tormenting me. I finally got my chance on Wednesday evening. As I looked over the newly inspired menu, I had a hard time deciding what my first meal would be. I was not incredibly hungry (ok, I had just come from Single Brother's Anniversary party and had eaten two small pieces of Dogtown Pizza) but I was determined. I decided a cup of tomato bisque would do the trick and I was not disappointed. Chunks of fresh tomato in a perfectly seasoned creamy broth hit the spot. The multigrain bread and butter served with it rounded out the "comfort" part of the comfort food. A treat for the tongue.
-Contributed by Susan M.

Fast Forward: 36 Hours Later...

Oh look, I'm back at Breakfast of Course. It's 7:00am on a Friday and it's time for breakfast. Building from the a la carte menu, I build a breakfast bagel sandwich that was in a word, ambrosial. (I needed an adjective that would encompass delicate, fragrant, heavenly, and luscious. Thanks, Dr. Roget.) A plain bagel with cheddar, turkey bacon and egg. Why, yes, it does look like a cheese omelette on top of bacon, on top of a bagel. So simple. So ambrosial.
-Contributed by Susan M.

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  1. I am stalking the ultimate breakfast. I'm on my way!