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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Lighthouse: BLT and Popcorn Shrimp

My husband I were heading to the Winston-Salem Dash Game to watch a friend throw out the first pitch. We live about 5 blocks from the new stadium so we are able to walk. Just a short walk up Burke Street is the Lighthouse Restaurant. Celebrating their 56th year in business in August, this family-owned restaurant is a staple in the West End neighborhood.

We got to the restaurant about 6pm so that we would have plenty of time to eat and make it to the game on time. We looked at the specials where I found a baked chicken and Joe found the popcorn shrimp. It seems the chicken was a popular item because they were already sold out. Harold Doumas, the owner, told us that many of his regulars will call in around noon and order the special to take home for dinner. (Now I know the secret.)

My second choice was a BLT, which was overflowing with bacon that was fresh, crisp and warm. The lettuce was crisp and the tomato was plentiful and delicious. While you can get a BLT in several restaurants, there are few that are this good. The menu says that it is the Best BLT in town. Honestly, it fabulous and $4.40 with a side of shoestring fries that are lightly crispy, and not the least bit greasy.

Joe chose the popcorn shrimp that was one of the specials of the day. Each special comes with bread & butter, and your choice of two sides. Joe chose the green beans and cucumber salad to go with the shrimp, all for $6.95! He also enjoyed the Thursday night (Tuesday, too) Beer Special: A Pint of Natty Green's Buckshot Amber for $1.50.

 "A heckuva pre-game meal at the Lighthouse restaurant." -Joe

The service was attentive, friendly and fast. We were finished with our meal in 30 minutes, with plenty of time to make it to the game and see the first pitch. The Lighthouse is only 3 blocks from BB&T ballpark, and offer free parking in their lot on Saturday and Sunday, when the restaurant is closed. (They make people happy, even when they are closed.)

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  1. Not good for the cholestorol count, but it sure is good to taste. I love the Lighthouse.