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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

West End Cafe: Gumbo, Burrito, and Dessert-o

One of the things that I love about the West End Cafe is that they always have wonderful daily specials on their chalboards. There are always 3-4 desserts and a couple of soups to choose from each day. As we move into the cooler weather, our bodies start to crave the warmer, comfort foods. West End Cafe is sure to please.

I love a good soup and the sausage gumbo on the chalkboard was the perfect choice. This is a hearty soup with just the right amount of spicy kick, including celery, tomatoes, carrots, rice, and slices of a Kielbasa-type sausage. A cup was sufficient for dinner because this is a substantial soup. It was absolutely devine.

One of Joe's favorite meals at West End is the black bean burrito. It is a giant burrito, taking up most of the plate, filled with rice, black beans, and topped with green chili queso and pico di gallo. Great for vegetarians who are tired of the same old food. The ingredients are fresh which really makes a difference in the flavor and texture of the food. West End does this dish really well, and would be a great meal to split if you were trying to save room for one of their homemade desserts.

Ahh, dessert. This evening Joe and I split the Chocolate Praline Layer Cake, which is made by a local baker. Chocolate cake, whipped-creamish buttercream frosting with a hint of praline, and then more pralines in between layers. You would think that this would be super sweet, but surprisingly it was really well balanced. A moist cake with a bit of crunch, this is one of my new favorite desserts at West End Cafe.


  1. I'm pretty sure their desserts are not home-made.

  2. After calling the WEC, I learned that some of the desserts come from a local distributor and the layer cakes are made by a local baker. Thank you, Carla. :)