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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bahn Mi Saigon Sandwiches and Bakery

Ever since watching the great food truck race I have been craving a bahn mi sandwich, which I haven't had since I moved here from LA 5 years ago. Since this is not something one can find in Winston, I knew that I would have to look in Greensboro which has a much larger Asian population and greater variety of Asian food options, including a number of Vietnamese restaurants and shops. I had to make a run over there to drop of some dive gear for servicing, so I decided to go in search of a bahn mi for lunch.

I ended up at Bahn Mi Saigon Sandwiches and Bakery on High Point Rd. It is an easy place to miss, located in a run down, ugly strip mall, and the interior atmosphere isn't much better. But the sandwiches are good (and cheap - sandwich+ bottle of water for $4.50) I opted for the roasted pork, which was on the specials board and it seemed to have a hint of some type of curry. It is served on a house baked baguette. As I was telling Susan Morris in the morning, the Bahn Mi is all about the toppings and this one came with a healthy dose of cilantro, onions, carrots, daikons, jalapenos, and cucumber, plus the special mayo and soy sauce, all of which adds lots of crunch and wonderful texture and flavors. I typically go for a chicken bahn mi, so I will have to go back to try that one (there are about 6-7 different sandwiches on the menu, plus specials) and I would love to hear recommendations of other places to try for bahn mi.

-Contributed by Tari H.

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  1. This is the only place I've been to get bahn mi sandwiches. I've been inspired to make my own ever since I first stepped inside.