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Monday, October 4, 2010

Cake and All Things Yummy: White Chocolate Almond Cupcake

I had some shopping to do in Kernersville this weekend and passed an adorable storefront at the corner of N. Main Street and W. Mountain Street. The pink and brown awning caught my eye and when I saw the cakes in the window, I parked the car asap.

The bakery has a variety of  large cupcakes (about 50% larger than your traditional cupcake), mini cupcakes, cookies, and a variety of chocolates and truffles. They are also know for the specialty cakes and there were a few people there picking up their cake orders.

Like many other Americans, I have a  slight obsession with cupcakes. I would love to have my own shop one day but for now, I will enjoy the inspiration of others. There were several flavors to choose from and I chose the white chocolate almond cupcake with buttercream icing. The cake was dense, like a poundcake, and had a wonderful white chocolate flavor with a hint of almond. These are two ofmy favorite flavors and had never seen them in a cupcake. The buttercream icing was sweet and delicious, but not overpowering to take any of the limelight away from the cupcake itself.

If you find yourself in downtown Kernersville (or if you want to make a special trip for someamazing dessert), please stop in and try one of these delicious confections.

Cake and All Things Yummy can be found at 108 N Main St, Kernersville, NC

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