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Friday, October 22, 2010

Washington Perk and Provision Co

O and I wanted to grab a quick bite and we kept meaning to check out our own little neighborhood store so we combined the two. We wandered the aisles to see what all we could buy to support our local spot and then we headed over to the counter to order dinner.

They have some great wines and beers to grab if you want to swing by and pick up something to go with dinner. They offer some great coffee selections to go or to enjoy there. They also support some local farms and have fresh, local veggies, eggs, milk, etc. I for one took home some ice-cream from Homeland Creamery.

We both ordered sandwiches. I ordered a basic grilled cheese and O ordered the ham sandwich. I also grabbed a bag of chips, which I begrudgingly shared with O. We both picked up bottles of yumminess from the cooler and then (after paying) headed outside to eat. I noticed on the way out that they offer a book exchange if you need to pick up (or drop off) some reading material.

The sandwiches were good. O picked up a Chai Cola, which reminded him of a drink he used to have as a child and I enjoyed a root beer - because really who doesn't enjoy a root beer - and we watched the traffic drive by as we ate.

Stop by and grab some groceries or a sandwich to go, or both. :)


  1. It's in the Washington Park neighborhood, at 232 W Acadia Avenue
    Winston Salem, NC 27127. I've got to go by there this week!