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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dioli's Trattoria: Pasta on the Patio

Back at Dioli's, but this time we enjoyed dinner on the patio on a rare July evening where the weather was cool. 
The table shared two appetizers, the calamari that is lightly breaded and served with fresh marinara sauce and lemon. Definitely squeeze the fresh lemon on the calamari first, it gives it wonderful flavor. We also tried the Polenta Diamonds which are made with Taleggio cheese (an aromatic cheese, with a mild nutty, fruity flavor and has a consistency similar to brie) polenta that is topped with a melted mozerrela and mushroom ragu.

I easily could have ordered the pork tenderloin again because it was delicious on my last visit. However, I decided to try one of the pasta dishes. I knew that I liked the marinara, as it came with the calamari. I chose the classic spaghetti and meatballs. The pasta was wavy, which made the dish more whimsical. It held the sauce well and the meatballs had wonderful flavor.

Joe ordered the Mushroom risotto which was an impressive portion of tender risotto with fresh mushrooms in a flavorful sauce that was savory and creamy. This dish could easily be shared, if you wanted to save room for one of Dioli's delicious desserts.

Once again, the service was fantastic. Our water glasses stayed filled, the focaccia bread for the table was warm and delicious.

The owners of the restaurant are present and hands on, a wonderful personal touch for a locally owned restaurant.  Oh, and the patio is perfect for watching the buzz of Fourth Street.

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  1. absolutely a fabulous restaurant! just what downtown needed. the chicken parmesean was also fantastic with great, fresh, lightly sauteed veggies. the fried risotto balls (Aranci, sp?) were very tasty too for an appetizer! I can't wait to go back!