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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Diamondback Grill: Salmon, PoBoy and BLgT

Last night Joe and I met our friend, Smitty, at Diamondback Grill to check out their new menu. Diamondback Grill is almost two restaurants in one, with a more casual bar area with several tables and TVs showing the local news or sporting event. The other side is more classic dining that gives you the feel of a more upscale restaurant. Both sides have the same menu, you just choose your dining experience.

Known for their wonderful Seafood dishes, Diamondback has many to choose from on their new menu. Smitty chose the Grilled Salmon, but made a couple of substitutions to meet his personal taste. Our waitress, Julie, was happy to assist him with possibilities and thier combined creation was a Grilled Norwegian Salmon served over grits, steamed spinich, grilled scallop & shallot thyme jam. There was a bit of jealousy from my side of the table. It looked amazing and Smitty confirmed and he cleaned his plate.

Joe had the Shrimp PoBoy from their new Sandwich Menu.  It is had flash-fried shrimp, served on a sourdough panini with shredded lettuce and homemade remoulade. The bread for the sandwich was great for a Po Boy, lightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The shrimp was lightly breaded which brought out the flavor of the shrimp (more shrimp are hidden under the baguette in the photo). On the side, Joe chose the black bean salad that came with multi-colored corn chips.

I had the BLgT sandwich made with applewood bacon, organic mixed greems, fried green tomatoes and buttermilk mayonnaise on panini. Again, the bread for the sandwich it fantastic. (I would like to have these at home for my own summer tomato sandwiches.) The bacon was meaty and was properly cooked. The fried green tomatoes were double stacked and made the sandwich a real meal. The french fries were a nice indugence, but many were left behind so I could eat more of the sandwich.

Summer time means desserts made with fresh fruits and Diamondback did not disappoint with this wild blueberry and cherry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream. The three of us shared the dessert which was incredible. The fresh fruit, and crumb topping were warm and inviting and the vanilla ice cream cooled the fruit slightly so that you could enjoy every bite.

Another thing that I learned about Diamondback Grill is that they participate in the Slow Food Piedmont Triad. From the SFPT Website:
"Diamondback’s menu offers a variety of cuisine showcasing local and organic produce from Minglewood Farm, fresh seafood, and all natural grass fed Beef. Everything here is made from scratch. From our regular menu to our seasonal specials, we offer tasty and inventive, yet healthy food."

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