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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dinner at Dioli's

I have been a little lackadaisical in posting my food adventures, so this may seem a little redundant. I almost skipped this post altogether and then thought that if I was perusing this blog and saw post after post lauding a particular restaurant, I would probably be more apt to try it. O and I headed with some friends to Dioli's a couple of weeks ago for the first time and enjoyed everything. Our server (Kip) was friendly and efficient, the wine was great and the food divine.

We started the evening with a bottle of wine while waiting at the bar for a table. Once we were seated, we ordered the calamari and the polenta with mushrooms. The table agreed that they were both fabulous.
We all then ordered some terrific entrees. My friend L and I each decided to order a risotto and then split them each so that we could enjoy both. We ordered the mushroom risotto and the seafood risotto. They were both terrific, but we both felt the seafood risotto was a notch above the mushroom.

The guys went with some different options. O chose the stuffed pork tenderloin and T opted for the swordfish. They both declared their dinners, "great!"

When we asked for some bread we received some very crispy, crunchy, thin bread sticks. Quite yummy.

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