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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wolfies: Root Beer Floating

I know that it has been a while and now that there was an article about the blog in the Winston-Salem Journal, it is time to clean out my photo file in my phone and get this thing updated.

First on the list is the root beer float at Wolfie's. Joe is a traditionalist and enjoyed the rootbeer float with vanilla frozen custard. In his defense, I am not sure if there is another flavor that would taste that good with rootbeer.

Root beer floats remind me of summer vacations spent on the Pamlico River with my family. We would sit on the porch as my mom would give each of us our own jelly glass with our favorite cartoon characters (very popular in the 1970s), dad would follow her with the vanilla ice cream and give us each a scoop that we would press down to the bottom of the glass with our spoons. Mom would follow with the root beer, giving us just enough delicious foam so that it reached the brim of our glasses. We would devour them in minutes.

I love it when the flavors of food can bring back memories that are so vibrant and happy.

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