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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taco Truck

I've been eating tacos and other Mexican lunches from a taco truck that is parked on Polo Rd between Cherry and Indiana Ave in a small strip mall. The food is great and authenic. Luciano cooks the food fresh every morning and sets up for lunch and is open into the evenings and late at night on the weekends. He serves all the standards; tacos, tortas, burritos, etc. My favorite is the Barbacoa Torta (BBQ sandwich) but it is all good. We have had him cater a lunch at work and everyone loved the food. Probably best to take out but he has a small table that can be used. Soft drinks include mango and other Mexican bottled sodas.


  1. I ended up with nothing else going on at lunch today so I stopped by based on your recommendation. I even showed Luciano this post on my phone. Anyway, had a delicious steak torta and a big coca cola (real sugar obviously - Mexican style). Delicious sandwich with lettuce, avocado, tomato, and a couple of good, hot salsa. Delicious. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll officially second it.

  2. Yes Sharon, Luciano makes a bean and rice burrito.
    You can call ahead at 336-755-4782 and he will have a take out ready for you.

  3. Not fancy, but excellent food. I love Luciano's chicken and barbocoa (barbecued steak) tacos with avocado and authentic Mexican cheese. He uses real corn tortillas. You get 4 tacos for $6, which is a lot of food. The greens salsa is also excellent.