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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey Windsor, do you wanna go to...

Windsor is our furry kid and we love to take him as many places as possible. One of his favorite places is Old Winston Social Club, where he can sit outside and enjoy a breeze or take a nap on a lap on one of the large black leather sofas. They have a large water bowl and are very welcoming of well-behaved pets.

With so many furry kids in our area, we need to know the places that accept them on their patios or have special events just for them. We are adding a "Pet Friendly" tab to all of the Local Dish locations that allow our furry friends to enjoy a dining experience out and about in the community.

So Winston-Salem, where can Windsor go?

Note: Just because a place is listed as Pet Friendly, it is up to the owner to make sure that you have a Friendly Pet. Please only bring well-behaved pets to a restaurant, bar, or event.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Windsor! You know you can always come to Caffe Prada; and make sure you tell your parents to get you a treat from the jar next to the front door. Yes the ones in the big paw print container!