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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Grapes of Half!

Have you ever wondered on which nights certain restaurants and bars had half price wine by the bottle or the glass?

Did you know that this list was simple to find by just Googling "Half Price Wine in Winston-Salem?" - yeah, me either.

So now I am sharing the list that with you, the community, because this is important information for everyone who loves wine and a bargain!

List of Half Price Wine Nights in Winston-Salem

www.localwinedeals.com is very helpful and includes not only the half price wine and a calendar of NC and VA wine festivals... but that's not all!
If you like them on Facebook, the will send reminders of half price nights to your wall.

Upcoming Wine Events:
12th Annual North Carolina Wine Festival - Clemmons, NC May 26, 2012 noon to 6:30pm www.ncwinefestival.com

7th Annual Salute! The North Carolina Wine Celebration - Winston Salem, NC June 2, 2012 www.salutencwine.com

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