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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Fourth Street Filling Station: Grilled Salmon Salad

Today was one of those rare November days where the temperature was 63 degree and the sun was shining. We opted for a place where we could enjoy this beautiful weather and enjoy lunch on a patio. The Old Fourth Street Filling Station has an award winning patio (Smitty's Notes Best of Winston-Salem), so it seemed like the best location for our party of nine.

Trying to eat healthier, (seriously, you guys have seen what I have eaten in the last 5 months) I decided to try the Grilled Salmon Salad. This a fabulous combination of sweet and savory, and it is a great portion for a lighter-fare lunch. Mixed greens, grilled salmon, goat cheese, purple onions and candied pecans. I highly recommend the balasmic vinegrette for this salad because the tangy/smokey/sweet is a perfect compliment to the salmon and does not overwhelm the lighter mixed greens. The two items that make this salad so special is the goat cheese and the candied pecans. I could have eaten just these two items and I would have been satisfied. The goat cheese was fresh and creamy, while the pecans added a sweet crunch. Finally, to give it a little extra somethin-somethin, they give you a muffin made of lemony-poppyseed goodness. This may be my new favorite item at the Filling Station. Simple and delightful.

There were several large parties on the patio today, but the service was on top of things and our large party was able to get in and out in about an hour and fifteen minutes. Enjoying the beautiful weather, I secretly wished that it had taken twice as long. :)

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